Mission Trip

Two Grey Hills Mission Trip

We have followed Godís call to share the gospel. In the bible the Lord has told us through the book of Mark (16:15) ďAnd he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.Ē We feel that part of this is more than just telling someone about the Lord; it is also going out and showing them the love of God. We went into these mission trips with many folks that werenít sure if they could do the work but again we looked unto God for our strength and found that He has shared with us through the book of Philippians (4:13) ďI can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.Ē By Godís help and the financial, prayerful and physical support of many people we hit the road to answer our call to do HIS work.

2010 Two Grey Hills Mission Trip

Our 2010 trip was another that was such a blessing. Again, through much prayer and planning we were off to work on the Navajo Reservation. This year with 43 people following the Lordís call to spread the gospel we accomplished several more projects. These projects included painting at the Navajo School, home cleaning and painting, bathroom and sewer line repair, construction of outhouses, and a covered porch and ramp at the home of Pastor Veazey.

2009 Two Grey Hills Mission Trip

Our 2009 trip to the Navajo Indian Reservation was one to remember. We planned for nearly a year to accomplish the Lordís work. With 42 people, we completed projects such as; home painting, installed home windows, replace home doors, outhouse construction and put on a revival.

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